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I’ll give you guys and girls a brief outline of the events leading to the situation I’m in now. Rather interesting as now having gone through it, I can look at friends and see them going down the exact same path.
This may seem overly cryptic but read on…


April 2011 it all begin, with a completely standard UK spec 1.6 mx5 which for insurance purposes had be detuned to 88bhp from the usual 115bhp figure the 1.6 should actually churn out.

Things where great, topless driving was amazing, leaving one tiny little tyre mark at a junction with the open differential was enough to make me smile. Soon that changed. I wanted more, once the mods started, they came thick and fast… First slammed, then raised then it was all about going faster and faster.

Out came th e 1.6 and replacing it was a 1.8 on gsxr ITRB’s being managed by an MS Labs megasquirt 2. Lovely I hear you thinking but what did you drive in the meanwhile!? Well the eagle I readers will have noted I had a Fabia vRS which took care of daily duties and soaked up the miles, but it was boring beyond belief.

Which brings me to what’s happened now, I’ve gone and bought another mx5.

So there she is a nice sensible daily…. Let’s see how long that lasts!

For those of you interested brief spec is as follows

’92 1.6 import

Fujitsubo 421 header and matching decat pipe, HKS silent power exhaust, 1.8 brakes all round, 14×6.5 14×7 Watanabe rs, type 2 torsen, sport drive chassis rails, BC racing coilovers, and a whole load of visual stuff which I’m sure you can all see!!


So you’d think a lovely car like that would stay as it is… Well nearly, but I can’t help myself to be honest… It’s in my blood

Here I am around a month in, having changed the wheels for track and rolled the arches to fit the 225/50 profile 15″ tyres under the arches


So, there you have it…. So back the cryptic opening lines.

Buys inherently inpracticle car, makes it worse, forced to buy a daily, gets bored and then buys another mx5!!

Don’t believe me, go check out Diamonds V8 blog, he’s actually exactly the same, only he’s now had 4 mx5 in the time that his has been off the road as a project….!



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