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So I suppose it hasn’t really been too long since the last blog update, then again I could just say “It was some time last year”!

Quite a bit has happened really, and still is, that’s what’s mainly kept me away from the keyboard.


My first foray into welding was an interesting one but I’m happy to report its gone all rather well so far! Naturally you’d think a novice welder should set about practicing a lot before setting that strange looking gun with the funny noises at their pride and joy. Well… not me…   Here’s some shots of proceedings

Will, using his favourite tool, NOT!!

One chassis leg de seamed giving more clearance for turbo manifolds etc.

And the other side all done too.

The keen eyed amongst you will notice that I practiced first plugging the unused holes in the bay!


Not content with the progress so far I managed to pick myself up a pretty little trio… I would like to add that the actuator bracket on the rear left turbo is none of my handy work!!

‘cos racecar?



Taking a minor detour away from the actual physical work that’s being going on, because you know, this kinda build doesn’t just happen without any planning whatsoever! Now I must say I cant and will not take any credit for this and its also not nearly finished but it is pretty exciting!

Sketchy San of https://thesketchpad.combustionpunks.co.uk/ has been doing some amazing work in Forza!

because we all love FLAMES!!!!

so yeah, this is IRL believe me….



Stay tuned for more progress!

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