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So this weekend was nothing short of kinda amazing.

photo 1

It started off with a trip to see the lovely Claire of Crap Engineering who had the kettle on almost instantly and showing me around all the projects she’d got on the go!

After a very long time chatting I left, leaving her my RX7 TII transmission ready for her to make up an adapter plate the the mazda KL engine.

But taking away I came home with a beautifully made tubular subframe and custom engine mounts ready to take the V6. (I painted it up last night and this is how it looks)

photo 3

photo 3(3)


Then headed off to the lovely Yeti’s house who put me up for the night. With a swift start in the morning over to Barefoot’s for bacon and then onto the JDM Guys meet which was awesome. (pictures of that are on the forum)



More to follow…

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