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Who am I? What do I do? Do I really care I hear you say…? Well without sounding too philosophical I shall try and let you know over the coming weeks and months you’ll come to see.

So, I’m Jimmy P I’m currently 22.

A bean counter by trade. Numbers, figures, spreadsheets, Excel is what I deal in, maybe thats my love for cars so strong, the stark contrast between being professional, and building a lairy racecars that make mothers scorn and tut in disgust.

I kid you not I was told by a friend (living with his parents) that his mother had forbidden him from taking a ride in my car for it was a “devil car” and a “death trap”.

Digging a scratch deeper into my up bringing my dad had a plethora of small engined fwd cars ranging from an old mg van to the dizzy heights of a 1500 GL Civic of which I would love being a passenger in as we drove through the local countryside leaning through corners feeling like something from the WRC. One moment I shall never forget is when he brought home from work a fully track prepared Integra Type R, in black. I must be honest all I remember is sitting in the passenger seat having just gone for a ride and thinking that one day, one day I’ll own something that would make me feel the same way again.

(Before my time) my dad always harks back to his days of owning 5/6 classic minis and how he loved them. But most importantly his birdsong, his one motoring masterpiece (so far, that story is a blog post its self) his TA22 mk1 Toyota Celica. Resprayed in purple by himself of course (this is where my diehard DIY attitude come from I’m sure!) it was a real treat. I promise at some point I shall as well as just mentioned above fill you all in on the beauty of this car.

I must admit actually as I write this I do almost feel like I’m in a virtual AA meeting for those addicted to the liquid we all love, no not beer, the other one, the one with an octane rating.


And on that note I shall leave you all, until next time…


Jimmy P

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